Our history

We are a leading software start up in the industry that was founded in 2019 by the engineer Carlos Matsouka.

The purpose of our founder is to be a human and efficient company that can help businesses to be more productive through software.

Did you know that Ben Fatto means “well done”?

It is an Italian expression that means “well done” and that demonstrates the culture of efficiency prevalent in our company.

Thomson Reuters, one of the largest companies in the world, gave us the certification of a global provider to customize its suite of next-generation digital solutions. In a short time, we became a firm highly sought after by organizations and workers throughout Latin America. In 2021 and 2022 we received the Humanized Award as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil.

Our team

Carlos Matsuoka


Fernando Magri

Sales and Delivery Director

“Working at Ben Fatto is a constant challenge to exceed customer expectations and seek a balance between deadlines and costs, respecting high quality standards”

Adriana Amaral

Delivery Manager
“Working here is a constant challenge because in our day to day we seek a balance between excellence, a personalized look, and opportunities for everyone. Above all, respect for others is the main reason why we are #benfactors.”

Michel Baldini

Development Manager
“What we do is challenging and rewarding. The atmosphere of friendship and trust that we preserve offers everyone the opportunity to stand out and deliver excellent results. As our company grows, new opportunities appear and we are constantly learning and evolving.”

Fabiane Lopes

HR Manager
“My work here is very special. Much of our DNA comes from our CEO who is a wonderful and very human person. Our mission as directors at Ben Fatto is to ensure that this DNA is replicated throughout the team, ensuring a relaxed and collaborative work environment that values and recognizes each person as a unique individual and the main agent of the excellence of our results.”

Laura Avelar

Software Development Manager